River Canyon Press is dedicated to preserving America's story, one story at a time. 

We are an author cooperative, supporting the literary goals and achievements of fellow writers and authors.  We strive to create opportunities for emerging authors, heritage authors, and niche or regional titles.  We're proud to publish worthy and interesting titles that may have been overlooked by larger, commercially driven publishing houses.  We don't mind being a creative stepping stone that leads to an author's success in future projects -- even if those projects eventually outgrow us and have to move to other publishers.

We are not a vanity press or author payment press.  We thoroughly screen and vet each accepted title.  Currently, only one out of about every twenty-five submitted titles is considered for publishing.

Our goal is to create an open author-publisher relationship, assisting our authors in their publishing and distribution goals and working as partners in the advertising and promotion of their title.  While most small press titles sell less than 400 copies, many authors find that small press publication can add legitimacy to their professional writing resume -- opening doors down the road to possible agent representation or book deals on future projects with other publishing firms.

It’s important for us that authors understand the pros and cons to small press publishing, and that author expectations meet our capabilities.  As authors, we understand how important “getting it right” is -- especially for a first title. Our publishing model was made possible by the recent advances in print-on-demand technology, the development of electronic rights management, and the ability to publicize titles in more creative and low cost sectors of the advertising market.

Owned and operated by authors, we uniquely understand the challenges writers face in both the creative and business side of the publishing industry.  Our authors keep ownership of their title, and after the initial contract period with River Canyon Press the full ownership and copyright reverts back to the author.  We're also proud of the fact that our books are registered with the Library of Congress and, where appropriate, are officially analyzed for Lexile (tm) vocabulary content scoring.  While chain bookstore shelf space is at a premium and usually reserved for major publishers, our distribution partnership with Ingram and listings with Bowker make it possible for book buyers to order most of our titles in the major chains as well as in the community bookstore.  Our electronic publishing platforms enable us to provide titles in electronic format for increased market coverage.  We also focus on the regional and niche marketing of our catalog titles, helping authors in their own efforts to market their names and their work in market sectors that hold likely book buyers.