After The Revolution Has Passed Us By:
An Experiment in Technological Expression
Written by Trisha Barnes

List price: $9.99 US
6" x 9", 26 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9815914-6-9
Device/Digital Literature

"A revolution within a revolution."

"The first book in the world to consist entirely of QR Code."
In this groundbreaking book, author Trisha Barnes has pushed the boundaries of expression and technology. The first book in the world to be created entirely from QR Code, the experimental and organic poetry contained inside speaks to the challenge of retaining essential human communication -- through contact and touch -- in an increasingly technological society. A revolution within a revolution -- the book bridges the gap between the written word and the electronic word, creating a genre called device literature.

From "After The Revolution Has Passed Us By":
To translate the code contained within the book, purchasers must have access to a mobile device with a QR Code scanner application.  QR Code apps are available online and can be downloaded to your mobile device.

QR Code is a trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.
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