Hog Heaven
Written by Susan Buchert

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8" x 10", 24 pages
Full color
ISBN: 978-0981591445
Poetry and Children's

What will happen when all of the piggies fly home? Will breakfast ever be the same? 

Poet Susan Buchert weaves a cute and imaginative tale about what would happen if all of the piggies left. Her clever phrases and sparkling humor bring the story to life. 
Accompanied by the bright and colorful illustrations by artist Trisha Barnes, this book will quickly become a favorite of any child. 
From the author, Susan Buchert: 
"I’ve been writing poetry since early elementary school. This came naturally, as my father was also a spontaneous poetry writer. We would sit around the kitchen table while he composed humorous rhymes to make us laugh. As a teacher, I have also emphasized the beauty of poetry, encouraging my students to create everything from concrete poetry to odes." 
"The term pig has such negative connotation, yet pigs are incredibly intelligent and affectionate animals deserving of more than a shelf display at the supermarket meat counter. Legends and traditions have contributed to the bad press pigs have received over the centuries. But what if the bad press was simply a reflection of human misinterpretation? What if those restrictions and prohibitions were put in place to protect and honor a truly noble creature?" 
"I have a collection of poems inspired by the redwood forest that I’d like to expand upon and perhaps publish in the future. Also, as a mother of a child with autism, I am considering chronicling our struggles and accomplishments in the often confusing and seldom predictable world of autism."
River Canyon Press Administrator,
Aug 31, 2011, 11:04 AM