Remember How Much I Love You
Written by Trisha Barnes

List price: $7.99 US
8" x 10", 30 pages

Auntie truly loves her nephew, Little Hank. When her visit comes to a close, Auntie asks Little Hank, "Will you remember how much I love you?" Auntie tries to find a way to remind him. 
Written and illustrated by Trisha Barnes, this was the author's first foray into the genre of children's picturebooks. Her "Toddler Word Modeler" series presents younger reader with larger words, and through parent explanation, context, and story repetition Trisha believes enhanced vocabulary growth can be achieved. 
As part of the "Toddler Word Modeler" series, this book is designed to introduce advanced vocabulary and concepts to children at early ages to increase their development and word recognition skills.
River Canyon Press Administrator,
Aug 31, 2011, 11:07 AM