The Klamath Treasure:
The Adventures of Euclid Plutarch Hammarsen
Written by Trisha Barnes

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6" x 9", 286 pages

"The Klamath Treasure a treasure of a book." -- Bill Duncan, The News-Review 
"Barnes is a masterful writer and her characters spring to life." -- Connie J. Davis, Two Rivers Tribune 
For over 150 years folks have traveled the Klamath River Canyon in search of the elusive and legendary gold it holds. In a land filled with mystery and magic, mountain lions and rattlesnakes, ancient fish and hidden caves - only a few have been lucky enough to find a part of the real Klamath Treasure. When Euclid began his own search, the boy had no idea that his adventure would include a hidden jade temple, a horrible accident that would change his father's life forever, and a ghostly revelation delivered to him as he perched in a cave high above the valley floor. His journey to the Treasure is an exciting tale of life on the wild and beautiful Klamath River at the turn of the century.
River Canyon Press Administrator,
Aug 31, 2011, 11:09 AM